Firsthand Learning & Its Role In Career Development

If you are planning to give your child an outstanding exposure to education, either you are a student who aims to stand out from the crowd then this is for you. Stay on track because this piece of writing is deliberately being patterned for you.
Have you ever heard the term ‘firsthand learning’? I’m sure the majority of you haven’t! its because we follow the system of rote learning where terms like firsthand learning are unfortunately misfit. Anyways, let me tell you what this new and actually not so new term refers to.

The type of learning in which an individual participates or makes an equal contribution is called firsthand learning. By the way, it’s a general term (in case if you are thinking that this is my invention). In the educational system, this particular word is quite common (only for discussions, not for implication).

Many psychologists suggest that the culture of firsthand learning works as a building block in career development. Would you like to know how? Well, let me guide you on why firsthand learning is important and how it works in developing a better future.

Sparks senses

There is a huge difference between listening lectures and practical implementation. If you have completed your educational phase then no one can n understand this, better than you. Feel free to share your struggles in professional life. How many times do you regret not getting firsthand experience before stepping into the corporate world? This is why practical learning is considered important, as it helps in enhancing the thinking ability and sparks the senses. The more you explore, the more you learn!

Turns probabilities into possibilities

Of course, not everything goes smoothly. Sometimes it takes a lot to complete the task but you will not understand this because unfortunately, half of us have never been into firsthand learning. Suppose if I ask you to make a project which should convey an inspirational message. NO! Not through the text but from its movement. Sounds weird? Its implication is far weird and hilarious. This might look impossible but not impossible. The reason this sounds completely impossible for you is because you have never been into the process of turning probabilities into possibilities. Now you got it? Why self-learning contributes a major role in career development.

Stabled future opportunities

For a second, imagine you own a business of writing where you offer affordable paper services to students. If I present three profiles in which one signifies more experiences and exposures of the industry while the rest two are newbie, whom you would prefer? Oh, well, we all know the answer. That’s how it works or will work in your scenario as well. While applying for your dream job, make sure you have gained enough experience through firsthand experience. So, the reputed companies would prefer you’re over others. Now you just got the answer to your query- why companies ask about an experience from the fresher. Well, they are not asking about your industrial experience, it’s about the firsthand learning experience in which they are interested.

Develops competitive insights

Oh, we all know what tough competition as well the time the industries are giving to us. What if you failed to fight this competitive battle? If you have never been into a race then how would you know how to lead? That is the reason practical implementations are necessary. The one who never competes will never get to experience the dos and don’ts of the competition. Once you start putting yourself into the hurdles you will eventually start learning how to cross the oceans without the availability of puddles. So, just like you, if your children are following the same rote learning path then it’s time to mold their horizons and give them a new exposure to learning.

Acceptance becomes easy

This is the most difficult thing for all of us, until or unless you have experienced the exposure of the practical world. Remember one time you scored B grade in your elementary school and the most difficult thing for you was to own the result. Please don’t feel hesitate; somehow we all have been in the same situation. Though failure and success are the parts of learning for us, it’s quite hard to accept the failure and I always wonder why. Is it because someone hasn’t taught us that trial is not the failure but, not trying at all is actually a failure. Trust me, once we start doing practical implementations and explore the world through a firsthand learning approach, it becomes easy to accept things as it is.

So? Are you ready to change the learning perspectives for your children? Or in other scenario, if you are a student, then be prepared to get yourself indulge more into firsthand learning than the old traditional learning. If you aim to go with the pace, then incorporate this practical learning and develop a secure future.